Wild Blue, Marin County, California’s premiere bluegrass band, has its roots in, but not tied to, bluegrass tradition. Comprised of singers Dr. Elmo on banjo, John Pierson on guitar and Larry Carlin on bass, the band’s forte is exceptional three-part harmony and first-rate instrumentation. With decades of musical experience and friendship – Elmo and John played together in the 1970s, and Larry has been performing with Elmo since 1981 – the trio came together for good in 1991 and has been performing at fairs, festivals and clubs all over Northern California for the past 18 years, often joined in their live shows by a fiddle and mandolin. This recording offers bluegrass classics as well as some folk, country and pop songs.


Also featured -- Kenny Blacklock on fddle, Dana Rath on mandolin, Gary Potterton on guitar

CD Design by Todd Ritola

Photos by Pam Wendell and Mike Melnyk


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 1. Hello City Limits

Martin/Anglin, BMI

2. Dooley

Dillard/Jayne, ASCAP

3. Walk the Way the Wind Blows

Tim O’Brien, ASCAP

4. Carolina in the Pines

Michael Martin Murphey, BMI

5. Sittin’ on Top of the World

Traditional, arr. Wild Blue

6. Little Darlin’ Pal of Mine

A.P. Carter, BMI

7. Pallet on the Floor

Traditional, arr. Wild Blue

8. Dr. Kevorkian

Ron DeLacy, BMI

9. Last Thing on My Mind

Tom Paxton, ASCAP

10. Wait for the Light to Shine

Fred Rose, ASCAP  

11. Hello Trouble

McDuff/Couch, BMI

12. City of New Orleans

Steve Goodman, ASCAP

13. With Care From Someone

Dillard/Leadon/Clark, BMI

14. I've Just Seen a Face

Lennon/McCartney, BMI

15. He’s Coming Back to Earth Again

Don Reno, BMI

16. Fox on the Run

Anthony Hazzard, BMI

17. Ashes of Love

Anglin/Anglin/Wright, BMI

18. There is a Time

Dillard/Jayne, ASCAP

19. Wild Dogs of Kentucky

Jimmy Drake, BMI

20. My Oklahoma

Terrye Newkirk, BMI



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