The Last Boy Scout

December 11, 1991


Like a good Boy Scout, I was prepared to see lots of car chases, explosions, and dead bodies in the new Bruce Willis movie called The Last Boy Scout. And, I was not disappointed

Willis, in a real stretch, plays a foul-mouthed, chain-smoking, unshaven private investigator named Joe Hallenbeck who, in his own words says, “I’m a real bastard...and then some." He is a former Secret Service agent who lost his job when he was young after offending a powerful politician. Willis just can't get no respect from anyone, including his partner, the police, the bad guys, his wife, and even his 13-year-old daughter, who obviously learned her vocabulary from Willis himself.

Willis takes on a case that gets him involved with Jimmy Dix, a former star quarterback, played by Damon Wayans from the TV show In Living Color. They begrudgingly become partners, and along with a little help from Willis's daughter Darien they go up against a corrupt senator and a smarmy good-o1d-boy professional football team owner, and before you can count 30 bodies, numerous explosions, and endless car chases, our two fallen heroes save the day in a ludicrous finale before 90,000 cheering fans at a football game at the L.A Coliseum.

This film is just another trite, predictable good-guys-versus-bad- guys story that if it weren’t for the profanity and excessive violence would be a TV movie of the week. But then, what do you expect from two TV actors?

If you’re a die-hard Bruce Willis fan, you'11 love this movie. If you’re looking for action, go stand in line. Just leave your mind at the door. But then, if you're a fan of these kinds of films, you won't have to.

If you're thinking that this film is going to about boy scouts camping in the roods and helping litt1e o1d ladies street, all I can say is, to quote Willis's closing film, "Be prepared.”




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